Finding What is Best in a Pandemic

Our education journey started this last year amidst the changes with Covid. Our school had decided to proceed with a hybrid program (two days in school and three days out) for the 2020 year. My husband and I were concerned about a significant reduction of school hours to educate our children. At that time we decided to move them to the Davis Connect program which they would have had daily instructions via computer work with live teachers. Unfortunately, we felt the online program was not adequate as well. We then proceeded to place them back in the public schools in our area and work through the restrictions in place. We learned over the last year that there were a lot of teachings and opinions expressed that were not consistent with our values and beliefs. Though difficult, it awakened us, and led us to research further what was exactly happening in the schools and being taught, as well as what type of education that we wanted for our children.

Through this journey we met with local school officials in different departments to learn specific programs and instruction being taught. I learned that though school districts state they want to work with parents and claiming transparency there were multiple instances this did not occur. I became concerned about issues such as critical race theory, social emotional learning curriculum, and parental rights. I especially learned that the public school system over many years has declined and what an American education once was is not currently happening. I understand there are limitations in place for teachers, staff and administration, and this trickles down from federal and state regulations. 

I furthered my research and available education opportunities outside of the public school system. I learned I wanted my children to have a classical education with a strong focus additionally on our constitution and history. I wanted more focus on math, English, classic literature, and science. I did not want ideologies or outside beliefs not consistent with ours interwoven into my children’s education. I believe that the family is the core unit to educate their children, and more specifically values and beliefs. I do not believe it is the school system’s job nor right to teach social emotional learning, and this was to be integrated with each subject in our local schools. 

My husband and I have come to the decision this year to utilize other services to facilitate that our older child can attend a small local private school, and our younger children we are homeschooling. These options have allowed us to meet the educational needs of our children.

I understand this can be difficult for every child as each home situation is different. I have learned along this journey that this is why there is the importance of school choice for each family. 

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