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Below is a sample email that you can send to your elected officials. You will want to fill in the appropriate information. And you are welcome to make this your own. The important part is that you make your voice heard, they know that you are a constituent in their area who will be voting.

Sample Email:

Subject Line: CONSTITUENT – We need more education choice


Dear [Your Representatives Title and Name]

I am a parent of [#of children/grandchildren].  Over the last year I have learned more about my children’s education than I ever had, and frankly I have been rather disappointed. I have felt very dissatisfied with my options and the availability of high quality education choices.

I would ask that you would support programs and policies that would allow for increased education choice.

Families want, and deserve, more education choice. The ability to choose the education that best fits a student’s needs, whether it’s a public school, private school, charter school or homeschooling.

There is wide public support for educational choice. In a recent survey, 71 percent of the public supports education savings accounts, 62 percent support vouchers, 62 percent support tax credit scholarships and 61 percent support public charter schools. Utah has an opportunity to join the rest of the nation in leading out on education choice.

Each and every student deserves the education that best fits their needs! And I believe that I as a parent know my children better than anyone else – teacher, doctor, or elected official.

Creating programs that fund children rather than schools will give parents the flexibility to find the education opportunities that best serve them.

I am excited for this upcoming legislative session and would love to speak with you more about education choice.

Your Constituent,

[Your First and Last Name]

[Street Address]