From Homeschool to Private School Creator

My name is Renae and I have been homeschooling in the Ogden area for the last 25 years. I also run a Private School called “Family Lyceum” which was created to give homeschoolers a classroom experience.

I graduated from BYU and came to Ogden where my husband works for Weber school district. We started raising our family and I soon realized that I wanted to be home with my kids, that I wanted to spend more time with them than I could spend with them if they were going to be at school all day. So I decided to homeschool when my oldest child was two.

I started going to every homeschool conference I could find and began an incredible journey that has been so much fun. I have absolutely loved teaching my children to read and to write, reading to them, and just homeschooling them. 

I homeschooled totally independently for the first 15 years, creating little groups like private groups that met in homes or public places. And then about 10 years ago, I got involved with working in private education and creating private classes for my family. 

When we created Family Lyceum, we wanted it to be in a private setting where we could teach from our heart and wouldn’t have to be controlled by any curriculum or any regulations. It is a place where children can come and learn in a structured classroom experience with teachers who are qualified and talented and passionate. We love to tell stories. We use history to tell stories and create connections between our world and the past, other parts of the world and other cultures. The children come to class just two or three days a week, and then they homeschool on the other days. So it’s a little bit of a private school/homeschool hybrid, where they have an opportunity to get one-on-one experience and still have a private school classroom experience a couple of days a week.

When I decided to homeschool my children 25 years ago, I took upon myself the complete responsibility for the education of my children, including financing their education. One thing I have been really excited about in more recent years is that there are ways that families can receive funding through the Taxes that we’ve paid that should be allotted to our children for education. I am so excited to hear about more opportunities for families where families can receive funding for their child’s education and the parents can choose what education they think is best. I believe that parents are the experts on their children and that they know what is best for them. Each family should have a choice in education.

Family Lyceum is proud to be one of the many opportunities out there for parents to provide a unique and excellent educational opportunity for children. We would love to see more funding so that we could be able to serve families who are not able to afford the tuition out of pocket. So, we are all for choice in education. 

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