What are my options?

We know that you as a parent know your child better than anyone. And we are here to help you find the best opportunity for them. As we work together with the legislature we can expand the opportunities for your child and every child in Utah.

Public District Zoned School

This is your neighborhood school, zoned by where you live. The student body represents the diversity of the local community in which you live. Some districts allow open enrollment—you can apply to attend another school in the district based on capacity and other factors. You can contact your local district to learn more.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools. However, they are recognized as schools of choice; parents choose to attend these schools. Charters are governed by a contract called a charter that is approved by the charter authorizer. As a parent, you can apply for your child to attend a charter school. When more students apply than there are seats available, the school conducts a random lottery for students to be admitted to the school.

Private Schools

Private schools are non-public schools. Traditionally, these schools are funded through private tuition payments. Many private schools have scholarships or financial aid available to families who want to attend Currently there are also two programs, the Carson Smith Scholarship and Children First Education Fund, available from the state to assist parents in paying for private school tuition.

Homeschool, Virtual Schooling, and Hybrid Schooling

These are other education opportunities that fit the needs of many families in Utah. You can connect with a virtual school, homeschool co-ops, or other public and private schools who offer hybrid programs—allowing you to have the individual attention in a homeschool environment coupled with the social and peer interactions.