The Hidden Gems of Homeschooling

“I want to be open to new experiences and homeschooling has done that for me, it has forced me to get reacquainted with my strengths and my talents and my gifts. I actually appreciate the talents of gifts given to me that have given me the power and strength to teach my children, to enjoy my children, and to enjoy my life.


I used to think I was the most impatient person ever but dealing with chronic pain and still taking care of the house, cooking all the meals, and teaching all my kids- and not blowing up all the time – I realized later on (after I got rid of the mommy guilt ‘that was pretty amazing, that was pretty impressive, like, that was a lot of patience!’




CHLOE: “I like (being home-schooled) a lot. You get a lot more play time and can eat and stay in your PJs all day.”


PENELOPE: “With home-schooling, I think it’s better because I can get to know her better and I can call her ‘Mommy’ instead of ‘Mrs. George.’”


ALEXA: “You (Mom) are a great teacher.”


Amy George is a mother of 4 who has been home-schooling for ten years. She utilizes her gifts of creativity and resourcefulness to help her children’s education come alive. She also utilizes community programs such as online charter programs, extracurricular karate, theater, and aerial classes. Each of these programs, as well as her family’s home-school curriculum and resources, would be benefited by the additional funding provided by Educational Savings Accounts. She supports school choice and looks forward to legislation that will allow her to tailor the needs and interests of each of her children in their education. 

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